Who was Lily King?

Lily King was born in April 1881 in Wakefield, Yorkshire.

After leaving school she trained as a seamstress and worked for a company making silk dressing gowns.  She was put in charge of the workroom girls when her boss made frequent selling trips to the large London stores and Lily lead the way in creating many of the company’s beautiful designs.  She had a natural talent in understanding fabrics, colours and knowing just what a design needed.

In 1913 Lily King travelled alone by boat to the United States of America to marry an Englishman.  They lived near Niagara Falls where their elder son was born and then moved back to Buffalo, where their younger son was born.  They also lived in New York but the street and house are no longer there – it is now a parking lot in Manhattan.

Immigration was not a success so the family returned to England in about 1922.

Sadly Lily was widowed in early Spring 1929 and this meant she had to struggle to bring up her two young sons alone and single headedly as best she could.  There were no benefits in those days – just the fear of having to go into the Workhouse.  To keep her small family together Lily worked very hard at various jobs such as sewing, taking in washing, potato picking and also fruit picking in nearby orchards.  She was a very hard working lady but was known as a very kind hearted and honest lady too.  Even in her later years she would recall how the fear of the workhouse kept her strong through the most difficult times.

During their early teens both of her sons developed TB and after returning from an isolation hospital they had to sleep in the garden shed with part of its roof off – this being the treatment at the time to aid their recovery.

Her eldest son grew to be 6’5” tall so her meticulous sewing skills proved to be a big plus in many ways – especially extending trouser legs and sleeves!  Sadly he died from illness in early 1940 just eight weeks after enlisting in the Army.

When her younger son married in 1942 she welcomed his new wife as a beloved daughter (rather than just as an in-law) and this love was reciprocated.

Lily King was brought up in the Wesleyan faith which she followed throughout her life.  She was a very honest, hardworking, sincere, caring and truly loving person with many un-recognised creative talents who sadly passed away in May 1966.

Lily King is Louise’s Great Grandmother on her mothers’ side.  When deciding upon a name that would sum up all of what Lily King Weddings stands for it was the most natural and heart led choice to name the business after such a wonderful, talented and genuine lady.

God Bless her X


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