Just got engaged?

Have you just got engaged? Congratulations!! Now here comes the fun bit – planning your wedding! But how do you know where to start and what’s the most important part to focus on first? Here is a little advice from us at Lily King on what to do…

Firstly, arrange a date and place for your engagement party! Celebrate the fact that you’ve got engaged by having a gathering with your friends and family. Be aware that lots of people will be asking questions about what you’re planning for your wedding day so come up with a satisfactory response if you’re not ready to divulge that information to anyone yet!

Once the engagement celebrations are over, sit down with your partner and work out what the most important parts of the wedding are to you both (this is different for every couple!) and also your vague budget for your Big Day.

Get a scrapbook! Start putting all of your ideas, photos, scribbles and colours into one place. It doesn’t have to literally be a scrapbook but something similar such as a folder, notebook, Pinterest board, iphone app etc. This keeps everything in one place and keeps you on track and organised. Take a look at our Pinterest page here https://uk.pinterest.com/lilyking_wed/ for lots of ideas.

Before choosing your venue and location, you need to know roughly how many people you’re wanting to invite to your wedding. Most venues have a maximum capacity, so you have to have a vague idea on numbers before falling in love with anywhere! Write a list of everyone you want there for the daytime reception and possible extra guests for the evening celebrations.

Finally, have fun! This is an exciting time for you as a couple so make sure you enjoy yourselves and don’t get too stressed about anything. Once you’ve chosen your venue, you can play around with colours, themes, styles and ideas. Everything will start to naturally come together and you’ll love it!



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